Runneth Over—An Online Theater Event

NCCC and its parent organization, ASHA, partnered with Elevate Theatre Company for a presentation of an original play in an online theater event. Elevate creates space for audiences and artists to explore health and well-being through the art of storytelling.

Runneth Over by Sabrina Jacob Washburn explores themes of women’s sexual health, cervical cancer prevention, HPV and HPV vaccinations.

The incredible cast takes you on a relatable journey around one young woman’s new experiences with her sexual health, and the post-performance panel—including NCCC chapter leader Alegra Woodard—discusses topics of cervical cancer prevention, HPV, and HPV vaccinations.

You can watch the program in full below as well as on Elevate’s YouTube channel. If you’re interested in art that explores health themes, check out Elevate’s website and explore their past and future programs.

Enjoy the show!