The National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) works to educate people community by community and volunteers are at the heart of that effort. Our volunteer local chapter leaders—many of whom are cervical cancer survivors—are passionate about seeking out opportunities to educate people through health fairs, awareness walk/runs, and education and fundraising events. These individuals have demonstrated a true passion to help others and as a result thousands of people across this country have benefitted from their efforts.

Below is a map of the NCCC local chapters all across the country. Chapters sponsor events throughout the year, with a special focus on Cervical Health Awareness Month in January. Local chapters often need volunteers to increase their effectiveness in educational efforts, awareness raising as well as fundraising campaigns. Please feel free to contact your local chapter leader to offer help and support.

Don’t see an NCCC Chapter in your area? Consider starting a chapter yourself! Learn more about what’s involved in starting and running a local chapter here.

To learn more about a local chapter, click on the map pinpoint. You can also see an alphabetical chapter list here.