NCCC New York (Queens)

NCCC Queens Chapter Leader, Deepa Pavatti

NCCC Queens Chapter Leader, Deepa Vatti

Deepa Vatti is an NCCC chapter leader based in Queens, New York. She is currently completing her undergraduate studies at New York University with a concentration in biology and psychology. She also works as a research assistant involved in studying cancer therapy at NYU Langone.

In her free time, Deepa volunteers at a women’s health clinic, as well as a local community health center that specializes in offering services geared towards aiding the homeless. She has conducted prior research on the importance of implementing screening test procedures during gynecological visits, and is currently interested in improving the accessibility to knowledge pertaining to preventative measures in the public health sphere, specifically in regards to cervical cancer.

In the United States, cervical cancer is a disease that impacts thousands each year, with many of these cases having been preventable with the use of screening and the HPV vaccine. Through spreading awareness and educating more of the public on the importance of preemptive action and preventative care, Deepa and the rest of her team hope to make an impact in their community.