Below are the very personal stories from women battling cervical cancer and an "archive section" with a few of the past years' stories too. You may also submit your personal story on how you are battling issues related to your cervical cancer or persistent HPV disease.

cover finalNCCC is pleased to offer a free ebook of essays from cervical cancer survivors and family members, providing personal perspectives on the physical and emotional impact of cervical cancer. HPV & Cervical Cancer: Stories from Survivors and Supporters is available free in a variety of formats.

A PDF version is available here, as well as a flipbook version. Additional formats compatible with most ebook readers (epub, mobi), including the Kindle, are available free through Smashwords. The ebook is also availale (at the lowest required price through) Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This collection offers a powerful message to those dealing with the impact of cervical cancer—you are not alone. We are grateful to the survivors and family members who have chosen to share their stories of pain, struggle, strength, and hope. We hope you will find inspiration in the stories here and will share the message of prevention.

While this section focuses in on cervical cancer survivors, there will also be comments from women that are battling persistent HPV precancerous lesions and cancer survivors' family members and friends too. As Mrs. Randi Kaye, the co-founder of the NCCC stated; "No one person is a statistic." Each person has their own personal battle. Each of us can focus in on HOPE and define HOPE within the context of our unique experiences.

The women in this section are the true heroes in the cervical cancer battle.

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Azra I am a cancer survivor I was like many other women upset and ashamed when i heard about my ... 07-06 -2008 View
Patty I am a cancer survivor Hi, my name is Patty and I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer Aug 2004. ... 07-05 -2008 View
Susan I am a cancer survivor In December of 2007 I started bleeding after intercourse and having light periods in ... 07-01 -2008 View
sandra rautenerg I am a cancer survivor I read the below about your sister. You are upset because she didn\^t get ... 07-01 -2008 View
Caryn I am a cancer survivor Louise- Please wish your sister the best for me. A positive attitude does wonders! Much ... 06-30 -2008 View
Louise I am a friend / relative of a cancer survivor Hi, I am writing because I have a lovely 50-year-old sister, my only sibling, ... 06-26 -2008 View
Joslyn I am a cancer survivor At 18, my mom forced me to have a pap smear stating that my ... 06-25 -2008 View
Barbara I am a cancer survivor Hi, I\^m a New Zealander and I\^m now 43. It\^s interesting reading ... 06-23 -2008 View
patti I am a cancer survivor hello,my name is patti,in june of last yr 2007 i was ... 06-22 -2008 View
Mandy Others I\^m looking for advice, last week I had my yearly exam as I do ... 06-18 -2008 View
l I am a cancer survivor Does anyone know the \"standard\" recommendation regarding ovary removal by FIGO stage? In reading ... 06-17 -2008 View
sandra I am a cancer survivor Hi In answer to your question about ovary removal and staging. My doctor left it ... 06-17 -2008 View
SANDRA I am a cancer survivor JUST AN UPDATE AND A RAY OF HOPE FOR SOME! I had my radical ... 06-15 -2008 View
Gina I am a cancer survivor My story begins on May 14th, the day was diagnosed with cervical ... 06-09 -2008 View
S Others I don\^t know what to do. I feel entirely alone and I\^m typing ... 06-08 -2008 View
SHARON I am a cancer survivor It started two years ago. I thought I was just going through menopause. Pap ... 06-06 -2008 View
nancy I am a cancer survivor I have completed all treatments for my cervical cancer including TAH, BSO and internal ... 06-05 -2008 View
Betsy I am a cancer survivor This is in answer to Sherry\^s post. You wanted to hear from women ... 06-05 -2008 View
Nathalie Others Hello, Three and a half weeks ago, my gynecologist/oncologist performed a cone biopsy (with knife). ... 06-05 -2008 View
Sherry Others Hi, I am hoping to find someone that can share the experience with me. ... 06-04 -2008 View
Becky I am a cancer survivor Hi Debbie. I just saw your posting and wanted to write you. ... 06-04 -2008 View
Delta I am a cancer survivor I was diagnosised with cervical cancer on Febuary 1 2008. My doctor told ... 06-04 -2008 View
Debbie Others Hi, I am glad I found this site. Listening to all of you ... 06-03 -2008 View
Becci I am a cancer survivor My story starts in November of 2006, I was diagnosed w/ HPV. My ... 06-02 -2008 View
laura I am a cancer survivor Melissa, Hang in there! The waiting for results is so so hard and i know ... 06-02 -2008 View