Below are the very personal stories from women battling cervical cancer and an "archive section" with a few of the past years' stories too. You may also submit your personal story on how you are battling issues related to your cervical cancer or persistent HPV disease.

cover finalNCCC is pleased to offer a free ebook of essays from cervical cancer survivors and family members, providing personal perspectives on the physical and emotional impact of cervical cancer. HPV & Cervical Cancer: Stories from Survivors and Supporters is available free in a variety of formats.

A PDF version is available here, as well as a flipbook version. Additional formats compatible with most ebook readers (epub, mobi), including the Kindle, are available free through Smashwords. The ebook is also availale (at the lowest required price through) Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This collection offers a powerful message to those dealing with the impact of cervical cancer—you are not alone. We are grateful to the survivors and family members who have chosen to share their stories of pain, struggle, strength, and hope. We hope you will find inspiration in the stories here and will share the message of prevention.

While this section focuses in on cervical cancer survivors, there will also be comments from women that are battling persistent HPV precancerous lesions and cancer survivors' family members and friends too. As Mrs. Randi Kaye, the co-founder of the NCCC stated; "No one person is a statistic." Each person has their own personal battle. Each of us can focus in on HOPE and define HOPE within the context of our unique experiences.

The women in this section are the true heroes in the cervical cancer battle.

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Julia I am a cancer survivor In response to Sabrina from Nov.30 I have, in a post further down, explained how ... 12-02 -2010 View
Nicole I am a cancer survivor Hello. I\^m reaching my 5 year mark! It\^ll be 5 years on ... 12-01 -2010 View
Brenda I am a cancer survivor For CASSIE: I, too, was diagnosed with Stage 3 cervical cancer. That ... 11-30 -2010 View
Brenda I am a cancer survivor I just posted a message to Cassie. In it I said that I ... 11-30 -2010 View
Sabrina I am a cancer survivor I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 2 Cervical Cancer (2 ... 11-30 -2010 View
Aricelia I am a cancer survivor Hello Everyone! I am so blessed to have found this site. After being diagnosed ... 11-29 -2010 View
cassie I am a cancer survivor hello, my name is cassie....i am 24 years old...i am a single mother and ... 11-27 -2010 View
Alison I am a cancer survivor I, unlike most of you am not a cancer survivor, but I have dealt ... 11-02 -2010 View
Julia I am a cancer survivor hi, My name is Julia and i have dealt with HPV for about 15 ... 10-19 -2010 View
Maria I am a cancer survivor Hello, my name is Maria. I am a 31yr old female. In 2006, my ... 10-18 -2010 View
Cindy I am a cancer survivor I am Cindy, 27 years old, married and mother of 1. During one ... 10-13 -2010 View
michelle I am a cancer survivor My name is Michelle. Last week I went into the gynos office because ... 10-11 -2010 View
Erica I am a cancer survivor Wow, so many of you are going thru exactly what I went thru just ... 10-02 -2010 View
Christy I am a cancer survivor In May of this year I had misplaced my birth control pills and still ... 09-26 -2010 View
SARAH I am a cancer survivor Last year on October 7th I had my Hyst to cure my cancer. I ... 09-25 -2010 View
Shirleyrose I am a cancer survivor For years I suffered with fibroid tumors and heavy menstrual periods. In 2007 after ... 09-23 -2010 View
Amanda I am a cancer survivor 7 years ago I had CIN grade 2 and both high risk types of ... 09-19 -2010 View
Angie I am a cancer survivor Hi. My name is Angie. Im a 36 year old stay at home mom ... 09-15 -2010 View
Rawyn I am a cancer survivor I am terrified. My 23 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with ... 08-29 -2010 View
Alexis I am a cancer survivor In June of 2006 I found out I was pregnant. I went to the ... 08-25 -2010 View
Sandra I am a cancer survivor Wow...glad to hear that I am not alone. I was diagnosed 10 1/2 ... 08-24 -2010 View
christi I am a cancer survivor Hello, I am Christi, 46 year old, mother of 7. As I read each ... 08-24 -2010 View
Julie I am a cancer survivor WOW, All your stories are such an inspiration!! I have read so many of ... 08-17 -2010 View
Nicole I am a cancer survivor Update to my story from 2000. This really started in 1992. I ... 08-16 -2010 View
Heather I am a cancer survivor I celebrated my 11th anniversary with my hubby on January 22nd this year, and ... 08-15 -2010 View