International Cervical Cancer

giahcThe Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC) aims to empower people, communities and societies internationally to reduce the disease burden from HPV and cervical cancers through collective engagement, advocacy, collaboration and education.

Approximately 80% of cervical cancer cases and 85% of cervical cancer related deaths occur in the developing world. Most women present for treatment in very advanced stages of the disease and therein lies the challenge. However, early detection can easily decrease the number of advanced cervical cancer cases, the financial burden of treating advanced cases and the loss of life secondary to the disease. Lack of knowledge, poor infrastructure, and limited finances make progress in the foreseeable future questionable. Hence, creative models through which people, communities and societies engage collectively, with or without help from the government, are necessary for successful control of this cancer.

GIAHC acts as a coordinating platform between communities at grassroots level, and academic/training institutions, to help raise awareness about HPV related diseases and cervical cancer in a culturally sensitive manner. Our model works on the principle of task shifting: to shift less sophisticated procedures such as cervical cancer screening and early treatment from highly trained professionals (such as physicians) to nurses and community health workers (CHWs) with appropriate training, particularly in regions of the world where there are acute shortages in human resources.

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