NCCC Seattle Chapter Leaders: Selena Rushton and Karena Horton

Selena’s Story

Since my diagnosis in 2016,  I’ve beaten the odds and feel that research into why I have would be beneficial to save lives. Beyond cancer, I have an amazing series of life stories to share and this is just the beginning of a new life. I want to remind women that hope exists – never give up. Go for quality of life not quantity. Get your house in order today or leave it for someone else to define for you. It’s your choice. Your life. Trust your body and get annual exams. Get your children vaccinated – this disease does not have to take more lives.

Karena’s Story

I’m a healthcare management and finance professional with two decades of experience and charitable contributions. As a dedicated patient advocate adept at public and community relations, staff development, and project management. I’m compassionate about patient experience, service measurements, and process improvements. My eyes were opened to HPV and cervical cancer at age 36 when my annual exam revealed low-grade cervical dysplasia. A colposcopy was performed to reveal severe dysplasia in two quadrants. A LEEP procedure revealed carcinoma in situ. A cone biopsy was performed and revealed CIN-3. As my chosen option, I had a total hysterectomy with no further treatment because my diagnosis was caught early. Through self-education, I was shocked to learn that HPV is common in women. That cervical cancer is preventable. Through vaccination, screening, and treatment options. I wish to help spread awareness by encouraging women to get regular pap and HPV screenings. To vaccinate their children, girls and boys, against HPV. “Because if you can prevent this form of cancer, why wouldn’t you.”

Selena is a National Roundtable on Cervical Cancer member. Through collective action, ACS NRTCC will tackle disparities in cervical cancer prevention, screening, and treatment to eliminate cervical cancer and reduce the harm caused by the disease.
Artwork made by Selena Rushton that was donated to the Swedish Foundation for their support in her journey.
Washington State Cervical Health Awareness Month Proclamation