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My name is Shatera Evans I became a chapter leader with NCCC to ensure that my community is educated on HPV, especially the younger women in my community. It is important to me that they are educated on cervical cancer and HPV. I feel that a lot of young women in our community feel that “Oh, HPV? That’s a virus that’s nasty”, when in actuality it’s something that is very common and can most of the time go away on its own, but sometimes there are other life-threatening consequences if we have it and it goes ignored. We just don’t really hear about it on TV or on the radios. You don’t hear about it here in Milwaukee.

I want to make sure that we have TV ads and events to raise awareness and that we have support here for our women and our young ladies who have had their battle or have seen a loved one go through theirs. I want to do this for our Wisconsin women that feel that there is little to no support here for them. I want them to know that they’re supported—we are your backbone. We’re here for you guys and that we love you guys and we are fighting and praying with you guys each and every day. I want to make sure that Milwaukee know that were here to help them fight and to raise awareness.

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