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Chapter Leader: Alana Glover


About the Chapter

Alana is 23 years old, and currently a law student at the University of Baltimore School of law, who has a passion for raising awareness for the issues revolving around cervical cancer. As a young woman, Alana has personally dealt with HPV and cervical cancer firsthand and personally experienced both the physical and mental effects that it can have. As a result of her own experiences Alana sought out the National Cervical Cancer and established a chapter that original began in Hampton Rhoads, Virginia and has recently been moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Alana started her chapter on the foundation of not only promoting awareness to individuals in her community of cervical cancer regardless of age, but also hopes to provide a support system and a safe place for individuals battling with HPV and cervical cancer.

Since starting her chapter Alana has raised funds through an Art Show put on by the youth in the community of Richmond, Virginia entitled A Muse from Me to You: Cancer Benefit Edition. At this show she not only raised funds for her own cervical cancer chapter but also a young man battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a young woman battling pancreatic cancer. Alana recently appeared on a local television show entitled “Bmore Lifestyle” on Fox 45 to raise awareness for cervical cancer awareness month and promote the importance of women getting regular and updated pap smears as well as promoting the hpv vaccine as a preventative method. In the future Alana hopes to raise funds to be able to provide grants for local medical facilities to provide free pap smears and hpv screening as well as organizing an event to provide women with free cervical cancer related medical services.

A Muse from Me to You: Cancer Benefit Edition

The Baltimore chapter recently partnered with local artists for a community event and fundraiser. The event brought together young artists and blossoming businesses to raise awareness and income for cancer survivors and organizations within the area, and was featured on a local news station. See chapter leader Alana Glover in the piece below.


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