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Chapter Leader: Rasha Patterson


Rasha’s Story

A Message from the Chapter Leader
Ms. Rasha Patterson is a lover of God and adores her relationship with the Holy Spirit. She is gifted in the empowerment of people, and has a knack for the service of all. She was born on November 6, 1975 in Harlem, New York to Herman Patterson and Paulette Waters and is the youngest of 3 children; even as a little girl she had a strong personality and always possessed the ability to shift her environment one way or the other. At a very young age, Rasha knew that she was called to the world of fashion being born to fashionable parents and being raised by grandmothers with sewing abilities, they each had a great influence on her passion for sewing and fashion that she carries today. And it was in her teens that she acknowledged God’s calling upon her life to work in ministry. It was at the age of nine when there was a family move to California that changed everything for her and for many years to come, her spiritual connection would deepen and she would attain a unique perspective on the world and her place in it.

Throughout her life, Rasha has grown spiritually and mentally and life has given her experiences that has allowed her to see glimpses of her purpose in her personal life, ministry and business. And with much transforming and growth in her life, Rasha’s life was truly transformed in November of 2011 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Yet it was her personal relationship with God that allowed her to hear His voice and it was her obedience unto Him that took her to challenging her doctors’ expertise. On November 30, 2011 she woke up after surgery to find her doctor holding her hand with tears in her eyes telling her that all the cancer was removed because she was persistent to have surgery right away. This transformation took Rasha to higher heights in her relationship with God and her ministry, herself-life and personal relationships, and also the creativity in her business.

And as the Inglewood, California Chapter Leader of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, Ms. Rasha Patterson will use every aspect of her life, with every opportunity that is given, to share her personal story, to bring awareness about cervical cancer, and to share information from the American Sexual Health Association that is geared to providing each of us with the resources for preventive measures so that we may live healthy and complete from making healthy decisions. Rasha is excited and looks forward to her work with the NCCC and ASHA to transform the lives of others!

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