NCCC Florida (Broward County)

January 26, 2018

Chapter Leader Katrina Johnson Jordan:

Katrina Johnson Jordan is a native of South Florida. She is a wife and mother of four. Her passion about informing the community on the importance of screenings and cervical cancer awareness came about due to the loss of the only sister she has known. Although Regina was not her biological sister, no one could tell the difference; even their physical resemblance was uncanny.  Their sisterhood was forged through marriage but cultivated in their hearts. It was during Katrina’s wedding that Regina first began experiencing the symptoms of cervical cancer. It took 10 months to diagnose her disease and she ultimately lost her battle with cervical cancer less than 18 months later. Through it all, Katrina never left her side. Because of this relationship, Katrina desires to inform other women of the importance of annual screenings, HPV immunizations for both girls and boys, and cervical cancer awareness.






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