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  • December 14, 2004

    After reading a few stories on the NCCC website, I couldn^t help but share my own as I was reminded how scary this all was for me back 1997. I was 25 years old...a single mom with a two year old daughter, a college was going so well for me. And then my wonderful, loving, caring ob/gyn (who, thank God, turned out to be an angel with an MD) gave me the news. She was very cautious at first, not to scare me, but she did give me all the possibilities. The "h" word as a worst case scenario. I had the follow-up biopsy done. I had the LEEPS ( I think that was what it was called ). I had the cone thingie. (Can you tell I^m not a real technical person?) Anyway, my doctor wanted to do the most minimally invasive procedure before moving on to the next. It was very scary though...having so many procedures done. Only to come back to the office for more bad news. But finally, after the third procedure (and some minor post-op complications) I came back with a clean bill of health. I followed up with one year of quarterly paps, another two years of bi-annual paps, and now I’ve continue my proper healthy woman regimen with AT LEAST one pap smear each and every year. And for those who have gone through this and have heard the scary news about future pregnancies—there is hope. I am 4 months pregnant at the age of 33 and couldn’t be happier. I’ve informed my new ob/gyn of my history, so I get a lot more pelvics and ultrasounds than the average mom-to-be, but so far my cervix is holding up nicely. I feel very blessed to have recovered so well, and to have had such an understanding and informed doctor when all this occurred. My thoughts and prayers are with the women going through this today. I hope we can continue to educate patients and doctors on the best and least invasive routes to a cure.

  • 09-03 -2005
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