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  • December 14, 2004

    In June 2004 I went for a pap smear, the results came back that I had abnormal cells and that these abnormal cells could reverse themselves but that it would be safer for me to have a biopsy just to be sure. The biopsy revealed that in actual fact the abnormal cells were some pre-cancer but a large amount had become cancerous already. I was admitted to hospital where I underwent a cone biopsy, the cone biopsy revealed two tumors in the cervix but the margins of the cone biopsy were free of any cancerous cells, therefore the DR believed he had removed anything potentially cancerous through the cone biopsy. I asked the DR my options after the cone biopsy, and he told me I could have a hysterectomy but that my ovaries would be left, just the womb and cervix removed. Or I could have smears and biopsies every three months for the first year and every four months the second year and so on, to ensure no reoccurrence of cancer. I traveled to my home in the UK as I live in France in search of a second opinion, there I paid a huge amount to see the top cervical cancer specialist available. The specialist told me it looked to him from my cone biopsy results that I had been cured and not to worry just get on with my life. I however am a worrier and believed my surgeon in France would not have offered me the option of a hysterectomy at 30 yrs old, single, with no children if there had not been some doubt in his mind. Plus I had a real gut feeling telling me to have the op. Sounds strange but that is the only way I can describe it right now. After lots of should I, shouldn^t I, I decided to go with my gut feeling and have a hysterectomy, not an easy decision as I have always imagined that I would be a mother one day and carry my own child or children. I had the operation three weeks ago and am healing well and feeling positive that I can put this all behind me. No I cannot have children anymore but I am alive and well. Sounds dramatic maybe but when my Uterus was taken away after the op. and biopsy was carried out they found a third larger more aggressive tumor that was very deep and invisible to the gyn. with his colposcope even beyond the reach of the cone biopsy. In his words, by making that decision to go ahead with the op. asap (even though the cone biopsy showed margins free of cancer) they were able to find this third tumor and remove it before it had a chance to spread. I am thanking my lucky stars everyday that I went ahead and had a hysterectomy when I did. It doesn^t even bear thinking about how bad things could have been if I had listened to the UK cancer specialist and ignored my head. I feel really lucky maybe it is just luck but if even one person reads what happened to me and as a result saves their own lives maybe the sacrifice of not having children will seem a little less harsh and something good will have come of all this. God Bless and wishing you all good health. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  • 09-03 -2005
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