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  • January 25, 2005

    Thank you for this site & the chance to share, I know of just one girl who^s had this. I^m 39 (until March - big 40 Thank you Lord) and was diagnosed July 30, 1999. I^d had a couple abnormal paps, then normal a couple years, then abnormal in April, 1999. I was referred to a gyn spec who thought I had a cyst & planned to do a leep. While attempting Leep, he said I should be in a hospital, as I was bleeding too much. The biopsy he did came back as positive for cervical cancer, and he referred me to an oncologist - right away. She had me in surgery for a rad hysterectomy by Aug. 8th. I went back to her office for 3 week post-op & then at 5 week post-op, when I thought I^d get okay to go back to work. Oh, I was wrong, she introduced me to a chemo one & radiation one who wanted to begin weekly cisplatin & daily radiation for 6 weeks. AAGH! I cried all day. I told them I had just bought my 1st home, & then my car quit, so I got a used car & had 3 children ages 8, 10 & 11. I am divorced & have no extra money or time to be off work. Well, they convinced me this is the best way to save my life. The side effects of chemo & radiation are horrible. I felt really good for about 5 weeks after surgery, but since chemo & radiation I^ve not been the same. Constant diarrhea every day, 75% of each day, for months & years, even when for months I only could eat dry toast or boiled potatoes. Imodium AD & Lomotil quit helping and painful, no control, lasting for hours, and leaving me sick to my stomach & extremely weak. About 1 year into this, Fall 2000, I asked my family doc for help. He prescribed Axid , which cut frequency of "D" to maybe once a day or more. Was on Axid for 2 years, then went to Protonix for two years. This helped even more so, but during last few weeks of use (Nov 2004)it no longer relieved diarrhea either. Then when I went to get Protonix filled & price had gone up, I asked doc to try something else. He called in Prevacid, only other drug our ins. co. plan, and miraculously I have had only 5 or 6 bouts of it since then, this is Jan. 25, 2005 - nine weeks of pain-free living since diagnosis in July 1999. Each time I asked my 3 cancer doctors for help with the severe effects of this painful condition, and said how it was ruining the quality of my life, I was told to try to live with it, at EVERY follow up visit?! I cancelled so many plans with my kids & family events & spent most nights after work in the bathroom instead of being able to care for my beautiful sweet kids, it^s just unacceptable for the docs to leave you unable to function & ignore your pleas for a solution. Thank you Lord for my family doc & the discovery of Prevacid. I am starting my life again, being able to do things with my kids instead of living in constant pain. After 5 years of this and medical costs, I^m filing for bankruptcy, as I^ve tried to pay almost $500.00 per month on debt, and have little left to feed my family. Docs are not concerned, its not their problem. To Heidi J in Maumee,and Traci in TX 78634 Please call & see as many docs as you can until you get relief from horrible side effects. This site is the only place I^ve found help. I attended a Wellness support group one year, but none I met had similar treatments or cancer. Thank you, sorry this is so long.,

  • 09-03 -2005
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