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  • January 30, 2005

    Hi, my name is Sharon and I^m 34 years old with 3 sons. My story begins in September of 2004 when I decided to go to the doctor for a pap because I hadn^t had one since the birth of my last child (9 years) I was diagnosed Jan. 24, 2005 as having endocervical adenocarcinoma in situ. My world changed as I know so many of you have experienced what I^m going through. I had an internal external ultrasound which showed nothing, my first pap opened the doors to what I would soon learn was cancer, the results came back showing adenocarcinoma in situ with low grade lesions. So off for a coposcopy with biopsy which revealed only chronic cervisitis. So I was told come back in 3 months for another pap. This time my results read once again adenocarcinoma in situ but cannot exclude high grade lesions. So once again I was told to come back for another coposcopy with biopsy and an ECC. This time the results come back as adenocarcinoma in situ. So I was scheduled for a cone biopsy with a deep D&C. Which I just had Jan 28, 2005. The only problem I^m having with all this is my doctor is so tight lipped on what he wants to tell me. The only thing he has told me for 2 weeks now is that he will be performing a hysterectomy and taking my uterus out and he thinks I will be fine once this is done. As you can tell I^m new to this and still don^t know what is too come. My results of my cone biopsy will be in wed. Feb 2, 2005 and I^m wondering what to expect. If anyone else has been diagnosed with this please feel free to contact me via email. I would like to know what the chances of this cancer coming back worse than what the pap and coposcopy has shown it is. Thanks for listening and allowing me to share my story on this site.

  • 09-03 -2005
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