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  • July 13, 2005

    On November 14, 2000, I was diagnoised with cervical cancer. I was 28 years old at that time and had everything to live for. I was to have a radical hysterectomy to remove my tumor. Well I was set up for surgery two weeks later. My oncologist aborted the sugery because my tumor had grown and the cancer seemed to be aggressive. We then went with chemotheropy and internal and external radiation. It was very hard on my body. The Doctors warned me that this is not going to be easy because they were going to hit me hard with the treatments since I was so young. I started out with Cysplatum Chemo and of course another set back happened. The chemo was aking me dehydrated and could possibly be hurting my kidneys. This chemo has effects like this to some people. I went for a ultrasound of my kidneys and everything was ok. I was then swithced to 5fu chemo that allowed me to have a port put in and walk around with a pump for 5 days at a time. It pump onc cc per hour into my body. It was hard taking showers and baths but boy was it worth it. They tested me for everything under the sun to see if they could find some underlying reason for my cancer to be so aggressive. I then started external radiation and at first I didn^t think it was so bad. Then came the nausa, tiredness, even diarrhea. After a few week of that I than began internal radiation. That was something I hope not to experience again. It was uncomfortable. I had burns in spots you not supposed to have them. It is like getting an internal tan. Going to the bathroom was a task. I has to take sit baths to keep the area clean eapecially after I urinated. Though all this I kept fighting and I never complained. My mother is my angel. She was by my side through all of my bad days. Believe me I had alot of them. She kept me going even the days I wanted to give up. She is a blessing from God. I don^t know how she did it. It has to be hard watching your daughter suffer. I prayed alot to find a reason for such pain. God answered me with letting me survive this evil disease. I offened wondered why me but then again it made me love life even more. I proud to say that this November I will be a survivor of 5 years. I thank God everyday that I am alive.

  • 09-03 -2005
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