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  • March 14, 2005

    To everyone out there hang on tight. I had yearly pap smears and everything was fine. In Dec 03 I had my period and started passing large blood clots. My husband took me to the hospital and 3 days later the doctor told me I had stage 3B cervical cancer. He hoped to operate in Jan 04 to remove the cancer and when I woke up I would have drain tubes at my sides. When I woke up I felt for the drain tubes and they weren^t there. When the doctor came in I told him I already knew it was inoperable so what^s next. With treatment my life expectancy was Oct 04 and Jun 04 without treatment. It is now mid March 05 and I am still here. Since that diagnosis I have lost my husband, still work 40 hours a week and planted 2 trees in my yard this past weekend. The doctor refuses to give me a new projection since I have blown so many out of the water. I stay on a high protein diet, eat a lot of green vegetables, eggs, yogurt with live bacteria cultures, and walk a mile a day. One day the cancer will get the best of me but I^m not going to go down without a fight
  • 09-03 -2005
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