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  • July 13, 2005 at 22:03:14

    My name is Nancy. For the past 15 years I have had many "bad" paps. I have had numerous colposcopy and biopsies. Always told everything was alright. I would follow up with another pap in 6 months. It had almost become routine and after 5 or so years of this, I guess I stopped thinking it a big deal. That is a big mistake!! Well last year, I think it was God speaking to me, because out of the blue, I decided to change my gyno. Why did I do that this year, after all he delivered my children, and was the only Gyno I had ever been to. Anyway, I went in may of 2004 to the new Gyno, a week later I was called and asked to come in that my pap was not normal and I needed to have a colposcopy and biopsy, no big deal, right? After all this was standard procedure for me. I went for the biopsy and the Dr. was surprised that I was taking this so calmly. He said that it did not look good, and that a person should NEVER take this as routine, well he said a few other things too...The following week, I get a call again, this time was different though, now I was told I needed to come in for a leep. The following day I was having the leep done. This time the Dr. said "I^m sorry to tell you but I do believe this is cancer, I just need to see if it is insitu or invasive. Needless to say, I was in shock, after all for years I had bad paps, how long did I actually have cancer? On June 2, 2004, My birthday at that, I get the call I had been waiting for and it was not good news. I had been referred to a gyn/onc I had adenocarcinoma and it was invasive. On June 19, I go to the gyn/onc and after a complete check up, and he looked at my leep himself, He gave me the option of 6 weeks radiation or a radical hysterectomy with bi lateral lymphedectomy. I opted for the Hysterectomy. On June 30, 2004 I had the hysterectomy. After 5 1/2 hours of surgery, I awoke in the recovery room. I spent 8 days in the hospitol and came home with a foley catheter for another 2 weeks. At my 3 week check up staples were removed and the catheter. So glad to have that removed!!! Pathology report was the best news no lymph node invasion, Praise the Lord!! I was stage 1b1, I felt so lucky, and blessed that I listened to that voice in my head that said to go see a new Dr. I continued to recover over the next few weeks. By the end of august, I felt well enough to return to work. I continue to see my oncologist every 3 months. On November 1, I ended up in bed with a really high fever, thinking I was coming down with the flu, I stayed in bed for 2 days. Finally on Nov. 3rd I knew something may be seriously wrong, I had no sore throat, no sniffles just a horrible headache, and very high fever and chills, with lower right abdominal pain. I went to the ER (drove myself, still don^t remember the drive) I was admitted with 104 fever. Ct scan showed I had a ruptured appendix. Off to surgery. Three hours later in the recovery room, I am told that instead of a ruptured appendix, I had a grapefruit sized abcess. Apparently a complication from my hysterectomy, four months later!!! I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. This time I come home with a open wound that home health has to come to my house 2x daily to pack the 5^ long open incision. This could not be stitched as the amount of infection had to drain and necrotic tissue was removed with each packing. Two and a half months of healing to closure. At my gyn/onc appt. in February, I am told that I still have granulated tissue inside my vagina and it is treated with silver nitrate. This tissue still there at May appt, removed for biopsy, and again thank God all is clear, but for some reason this will not heal. I am also now diagnosed with lymphedema, abnormal swelling of my lower extremities. Hooray, now manual massage and wrappings. Once this fluid collection in my legs is under control I will be fitted with compression hose, this is a life long condition, due to lymph node removal. Not everyone gets this, but did! I will be taught to do my own massages daily and how to wrap my legs. I guess I should just be happy that I am cancer free, I just get so frustrated. Here it is a year later, and I am still dealing daily with the issues of my cervical cancer. I just want my life back. I try to keep positive, and I know that God has an ultimate plan for my life. Sometimes it is just hard. Anyway, that is my story up to now. I will continue with my three month check ups and lymphedema control, after all, I^m CANCER FREE!!!!

  • 09-03 -2005
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