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  • March 24, 2005

    Tracy, I feel its time for me to tell my story. My name is Tracy I was first diagnosed on April fools day 2002 with stage 11b cervical cancer that was glandular clear cell. I underwent a Radical hysterectomy leaving my ovaries in. Pathology came back with positive lympnode involvement so I followed up with Chemo and radiation 6 weeks after the surgery. It wasn^t the greatest experience and now looking back on it is seems so minor compared to what happened next. I went back to work for six months thinking I was doing fine . The Doctors keep telling me that they were sure they had gotten it all. After six months I noticed that I had the feeling I had to have a bowel movement all the time and my tail bone had a constant ach that couldn^t be relieved. I went back to my local doctor and he sent me to the gyn they preformed a laposcopy and he found scare tissue from the Radiation on my colon so I had it removed but that did stop the pain. I had another one performed 1 month later because I was in so much pain I begged and told them I though the cancer was back. So they performed another laposcopy to remove what they assumed was scare tissue again. I woke up with the nurse tell me the Doctor want to talk to you so to remain here while he finish up the other surgeries. I knew this must not be good. He walked in and grabbed my ankle and said the cancer was back and that I was so lucky that I didn^t take no for and answer. So off I went again to the big city again and they examined me and said there were 2 ways to deal with this: First Pallitive Care and comfort measures or A FULL PELVIC EXENTRATION. This is removal of the bladder, Vagina, part of the recum. This surgery was my last hope so I went under the knife 3 weeks later. The surgery took 8 hours and they constructed a bladder out of my small intestine and a new vagina out of the muscle and skin from my leg. I was to have a stoma for the new bladder that I would have to catherize when I need to void but they decide that my urethra was in good shape so they reattached to the old plumbing which I thought was so much better then the stoma. I had also been give a ileaostomy (which is a stoma on the outside of my abdomen for stool) I was told I would have this reversed in four months. I spent 5 months in the hospital and lose the ability to eat and drink because of bowel obstruction and my new bladder had a hole in it causing me to had Full incontience. I had to wear diapers then and still do now. That surgery was performed 1 year and half ago and I had a surgery to fix the hole in my bladder and then found out that I also have a hole in my rectum aswell. I still have my bag for stool and my bladder is still leaking because the spinster muscle is not working right yet. They are now going to try putting Collegen it the muscle to fatten it up so it will stop leaking. As for the ileostomy They won^t do anything about it yet till my bladder is fixed. I hope this information will help some out and I would love to be contacted from Maria from New Jersey who was looking for someone with the same type of surgery. Hang in there!!!!!

  • 09-03 -2005
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