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  • April 25, 2005

    My story goes... I had a child in June 2003. After his birth, I had a discharge that never went away, more of a nuisance than anything else.
    I had an abnormal pap in July 2003, again in Jan 2004. In March I went to the doctor and complained of pain in my vagina and a sore cervix as well as the discharge. The ob/gyn tested me for chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases which I knew I didn^t have and upon getting the results declared it to be vaginosis. Again in July 2004 when I went for another pap smear, I complained of the same symptoms, again he tested me for STDs and again, they were negative and again I was declared to have vaginosis. This July 2004 pap smear came back NEGATIVE!! And the tests for HPV came back NEGATIVE!! Of course I felt I couln^t possibly have cervical cancer with these results and let it go. This was the doctor that delivered my baby, not my regular ob/gyn who is in the same office. I was told I didn^t have to return for another pap smear for another year since the previous pap and HPV tests were negative. March 5th 2005, I was fed up with the horrible discharge and painful sex in which I bled afterwards. I went to my original ob/gyn for a second opinion and upon insertion of the speculum, he could see the cancer and did a biopsy. The following Tuesday I went to a doctor at MD Anderson Cancer Center in HOUSTON, Tx where I was staged with Ib1 cervical cancer. On March 28 2005 I underwent a radical hysterectomy. The doctor spoke with my family after the surgery and assured them she had gotten 100% of the cancer, yeah! WEll, not exactly. After being released from the hospital, I saw the doctor for my follow up and she said the pathology reports showed microscopic cancer cells in one of my right lymph nodes that had been removed. This means I will start Chemo and radiation when my surgery is healed. I don^t know what to expect and am horrified at the thought of the cancer returning in the future, from what I have heard reoccurence most certainly means death with this cancer. I tell my story because if there is anyone out there with these symptoms, don^t give up! Insist on a biopsy, do everything you can do to be proactive in your own treatment. Pap smears or notorious for being WRONG... Good luck to all.

  • 09-03 -2005
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