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  • April 28,

    I was just diagnosed with Carcinoma in situ. I had my first abnormal pap in October of 2004, followed by 2 colposcopies, 5 biopsies, and
    a leep. The leep and cone biopsy revealed carcinoma in situ and that he did not remove all the tissue. He asked me if I wanted any more kids ( I only have 1) and I answered yes without thinking. he wants to wait 3 months before proceeding. Not sure if he is taking healing time into consideration or me wanting more children. I will meet with him in 2 weeks for post surgery follow up. Since the first leep didn^t eradicate it all, will he do another? Anyone have a similar story they could share? This has progressed very rapidly, in approx 6-7 months from first abnormal pap. I feel liking sitting back and waiting is inviting it to become invasive. Feel free to email me please with your experiences, both good and bad. I just want to be informed.

  • 09-03 -2005
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