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  • May 8, 2005

    My friends always said "when you hit your 40^s everything falls apart" how true. For starters I know how truly blessed I am. There’s no way I could have gotten through all of this without GOD. anyway, I had a abnormal pap in 92, which the Dr said don^t worry that’s normal with polyps. Ok, so I went on with my life. All this time I had very bad periods, I was stressed, over weight, so I didn^t think nothing of it. seven years later I started getting a nasty discharge along with my period lasting 3 to 4 weeks at a time. One of my customers at the time was a obgyn. I asked him to see me and sure enough it was cervical cancer. I could not get insurance (no big surprise) so I moved in with my daughter. Big mistake, she treated me like crap. But again thanks be to God I made it. I started off with chemo and radiation for 6 weeks, then 3 internal radiation. Had my surgery, came home and was wondering why my insison was hurting and the pain meds weren^t working. I had a bad infection, and right there on the exam table the Dr opened me up. lived like that for 6 months.nurses coming 2 times a day. Finally it closes and I go for my first exam postop and they find another mass. Here I was just wanting to get on with my life. Guess again. Ct showed nothing. ultrasound showed the mass and shortly after another surgery. Before I forget, I was told this news on Sept 11 2001. At times I feel guilty as to did I live an not all those people? I still haven^t found
    that answer. Anyway it is 2005 and I am cancer free. Thank you God. Reading all the stories on this site brought me to my knees. I thought I had it so bad, but now I see I didn^t. I^ll deal with my receceole, my spastic bladder any day.

  • 09-03 -2005
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