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  • May 18, 2005

    Hello there, my name is Cristina. I am a 28 years old and single mom of 6 children and scared. My mother just passed away of cervical cancer. When she first found out she had cervical cancer it was way too late. My mother was a busy woman and she didn^t put her health first. She had not gone to the gynocologist since after i was born. When she finally went 4 years ago the cells were so rampid that the doctors opted for internal radiation and very minimal kimo. She did this off and on for about a year. The radiation and kimo worked and she was able to live 2 more years of life cancer free. In 2004, i beleive, she went back to the doctors for a check up and they ran some tests and found that the cancer was back. This time though the cancer was in her vertabrae, limpnoids and the liver (or kidney can^t remember which one it was). Well they immediately put her on kimo. This was very hard on her. She almost immediately lost all of her hair. They were able to rid the cancer in her limpnoids and her vertabrae. So they continued the kimo treatments to get rid of it in her Liver (kidney?). They started some more tests in January 2005. In these tests they found out that the kimo was not working. They wanted to switch kimo, but by that time they were unable to give her more kimo due to her platelettes being to low. Needless to say the doctors were tring. A nurse was coming twice a day for 6 days. She would receive fluids through an IV and get weekly blood work done. Eventually she was unable to get up and do anything for herself. My father took the time off from work to be with her. He cared for her and cared for her and we all prayed she would get better. Well one day the doctor called and said he recommends that hospice come in. At that time my mom^s pain on her scale was 10+. Three days after hospice came in she passed away. She was a beautiful woman, wife, mother and grandmother. She always knew what to say and do. I am scared about myself. I have not been to a gynocologist in 2 ½ years. When I was going the last two times in a 6 month period, my paps came back irregular. So they went in and did a biopsy and found a little white speck they said and removed it. This happened on both visits. I heard the doctor say something about HPV, but she never told me if I had it or not. I am worried. I do not have insurance and do not have finances to afford a doctor. Do you know were i may be able to go to get testing done for no cost or very minimal cost. Please assist and thank you for allowing me to publish my story on this beautiful site.

    P.S. I am scared for my children. I don^t want them to have to go through the same thing as my sister and i did. By watching our mother die and couldn^t do anything to help.

  • 09-03 -2005
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