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  • May 19, 2005

    Two years ago my gynecologist^s office called me and said you need to have a colposcopy done! For 2 years in a row I had an abnormal pap, but my doctor just put me on antibiotics (she said it was and infection) and didn^t check on it again until the next year. Well the 3rd year pap came back abnormal and she finally suggested I have a colposcopy done. (I am the type to get regular check up^s for everything) I had lost my job and no longer had health insurance, so I went to a charity hospital. They did the colposcopy and found precancerous cells. I continued to alternate pap smears and colposcopys every few months. My condition went from Moderate Cervical Dysplasia to Severe Cervical Dysplasia within one month. My doctor suggested a cervical cone biopsy, that was Friday and on Tuesday I had surgery (July 2004). For some reason after surgery my cervix did not want to heel, it stayed very sensitive, it took 6 months for the bleeding to stop enough to have a follow up exam. Initially the follow up exam showed that all of the cancerous cells were removed with surgery. Now approximately 10 months later (May 2005) my latest pap is showing new precancerous cells again. I was tested for HPV but it came back negative. I am 25 years old and my only true life goal is to have a family of my own - my own children. Hopefully I will not need more surgery! Good luck to everyone facing this disease and I keep you all in my prayers. Stay strong! >

  • 09-03 -2005
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