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  • June 5, 2005 at 07:45:47

    This is for Jo Ann in Brockton, MA. I was diagnosed on 05/08/04 with stage II-B squamous cell carcinoma with extension into the left pelvis. I was started on six weeks of chemotherapy with week one and four of 96-hour infusion therapy in addition to the weekly chemo and twenty-five external beam radiation treatments. This was followed by one 48-hr cesium implant and two weeks later a 24-hr cesum implant. The treatment made me sick enough in week four that I was admitted to the hospital for two weeks for hydration therapy and other drugs to build my body back up. I left there weak but NOT DISCOURAGED. I had wonderful caregivers and went on to complete the external radation and had the implants as scheduled. Yes, it was hard but I NEVER gave up, never considered any other options. I had trust and high regard for all of my physicians (all eight of them) and four months after diagnosis was told I was completely cancer free. That was in September 2004, the same day my youngster granddaughter was born. Since then I have undergone follow-up scans and see a doctor every two months and other than delayed radiation colitis, have no problems at all. The hair loss was the worst thing I can remember. It^s been a year now and I thank God every day for my recovery. I^m 51 years old with three children and four grandchildren. The past year has been both heaven and hell. I lost twin grandbabies in stillbirth two months ago but God won^t forsake us. Have a positive mental attitude and a strong faith in God. Your daughter is young and hopefully otherwise healthy and with will make it through. Just don^t let her give up when the treatment gets bad.

  • 09-03 -2005
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