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  • June 10, 2005

    On June 9th 2002 I began my journey AWAY from cerevical cancer. As a widow of just a year and never having been ill or even in a hospital it was quite a journey. I had friends who were there for me - all thought it - and I was treated at the Women and Infants Hospital-Oncology Program in Providence RI. Wow I thank God that I was directed there. What great care and compassion and kindnesses. This clinic was started 12 years ago by Dr.Cornelius Granai and three oncology nurses-today it has a staff of 80-doctors, social workers, nurses and everyone is just great!!! Most of the staff is female so for me it was like having sisters/dear friends taking care of me. My experience made me aware that for many women in the Newport (RI)area it
    was a real hardship to get to Providence to get to their treatment - transportation was a big problem. For the past year Dr Granai, other Women and Infants Hosp. personnel and myself have been working on a partnership between W&I and our local hospital-Newport Hosp. This partnership has been drawn out as the two hospitals are under 2 different corporations but in the last few days it looks like the local hospital and doctors will accept this "working together" approach. This will be a 2 year program to partner on women^s case here. Than together the local/Providence doctors will decide their treatment and where best to do that - some of which can be done at the local hospital. Keep you fingers crosssed!! Its a big step for these MEN to take. As for me I feel great... I^m at work daily-ejoy my friends and have gotten into this partnership arrangement. This really surprises me because my husband was always the outgoing-friendly one... and here I^m mixing with doctors and CEO^s and seeking their support for this program...I surprise myself,really. I really enjoy hearing from other survivors.I realize that while had was Stage 4 I suffered very little. I was 57 when they discovered the cancer and I weighted 90 pounds. Today I^m 119 and have no health problems, excerise each day. The world looks mighty good. I^d say I^m 90 percent.. the other ten percent and perfection - that would be if I had Charles. Good health to all and I pray daily for "those with cervical cancer whereever you are"

  • 09-03 -2005
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