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  • 03/26/03

    I was 23 years old and had just experienced my second pap in two years and it came up abnormal. That year, 1993, I was diagnosed with stage one cervical cancer after having a colposcopy at a university clinic. I was lucky to have a very progressive female doctor with a matter of fact bed side manner. I was given all of the choices for the next step. At the time, it was either Leep, cryosurgery, or an extreme dietary and lifestyle change. None of which were considered a sure cure. I had always considered myself a healthy woman, but apparently my body did not agree. I felt that I was young enough to change my body chemistry fairly quickly. I was told to have another pap done in three months and then again after six more months. I didn^t go back for another year. In the mean time, I studied everything I could on cancer and dietary changes. No sugar, exercise, fresh vegetables, low stress and very little or no meat. I did it. I did it all to the best of my ability. I became a vegetarian and ate a whole foods diet. I walked a lot and relaxed a lot more. I didn^t eat sugar or chocolate. I focused on cleansing my body and changing the way I did things. I listened to stories of women who had survived breast cancer by changing their diets and meditating. The only thing I could have done more of is going in for regular paps every few months and finding a support group. A year went by. I had a pap smear. It was normal, but I was told to come back in six months. Again, I waited two years before having a pap, but the next was normal. Two years normal. I began to relax. I decided to spend a year in Japan teaching English. I ended up staying for three and did not feel comfortable seeking out a gynecologist in a country where the majority of gynecologists are men and they do not usually speak English. Again, three years without a pap. I was getting concerned. I had begun eating poultry and ham and a lot more sugar. I was under huge amounts of stress, but tried to think of my body as a healthy system. I thought of my uterous, vagina and cervix as a healthy system. By the time I finally had my next pap, I was very nervous. It was normal. Six years free of cancer. My last pap was three months ago. Normal and perfectly healthy for a woman in her early thirties. I don^t know exactly how it happened. I look back at the scribbles on the test results and doctor^s reports and I see nothing but a biopsy showing stage one cancer. I can only hope that in this day and age the route that I took to survival is considered to be a viable one. Keep an open mind and consider all of the options.

  • 03-26 -2003
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