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  • 03/22/03


    I was just recently diagnosed with stage Ib1 andenocarcinoma cervixical
    cancer. I^m only 30 years old and still and have hoped to one day start a family. Now with my current situation, I^m left with little options other than a radical hysterectomy which would erradicate any chance of bearing children. However, I understand there^s a relatively new procedure for early stage patients called a radical trachelectomy which preserves the uterus and only extracts the cervix. Is there anyone there who has contimpated this newer procedure? I^m very worried about the risks associated with the return of cancer if I opt for a lesser know treatment. Additionally, if I opt for a radical hysterectomy, I^m worried about the effects it will have on my sex life. Will my drive still be the same (they^re keeping my ovaries). I feel so robbed in every way, but I know I^m very lucky all things considered.

  • 03-22 -2003
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