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  • June 12, 2005

    My journey began 8 weeks before my wedding... new doctor suggests pap (despite having had a normal one by a diff. doc 6 months earlier...God works in mysterious ways).
    - pap comes back abnormal -coloposcopy shows severe displasia
    - LEEP is sceduled for 6 weeks before wedding
    - Pathology report shows AdnoCarcinoma Insitu
    - all margins are clear
    - doctor suggests we do paps every 3 months, biopsies every 6, and start trying to conceive ASAP...before time runs out!
    - We have a beautiful wedding day!!!
    - 7 months of trying to conceive
    - 10 week pregnancy results in miscarriage
    - We were devastated!!! All we wanted to do was have a baby.
    - After 2 moths of major depression I found out we were pregnant again... very scared & did not share the news until 4 months
    > -the blessings begin...Hannah Elizabeth was born 7/2000 and Emma Kathryn was born 5/2003
    - my oncologist gave me the advice to "give the gift of yourself to your daughters"
    - I took her advice...on Feb 16th, 2005 I had a complete hysterectomy I am proud to say that I am fully recovered, cancer FREE, and I am a cancer SURVIVOR!!! I am thankful for each day I am alive, for the wonderful doctors I^ve had, for the two beautiful little angels in my life, and my amazingly supportive husband.

  • 09-03 -2005
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