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  • June 27, 2003

    I am the friend/relative of a cancer survivor. My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was sixteen. She died six months later. I did not really understand what was going on. I did not go to support groups or learn much about the cancer that killed her. I wanted to forget about it. Now I have been diagnosed with mild dysplasia. It is not cancer but it scares be because my mother died from cervical cancer which dysplasia is a precursor of. I currently have a five-year-old daughter that I most defiantly want to see graduate. My mother did not make it to important events such as these. I am scared because I do not know what procedures are going to be used on me. I have always been a healthy person. I have several friends, at least three, that have dysplasia as well. They say the procedure is painful and I know nothing more.

  • 09-04 -2005
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