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  • July 3, 2003

    I started having pain a bleeding with intercourse in Dec. of 2002. I thought it was because my period was due. It didn^t happen again until February. The pain and bleeding got progressively worse and I made an appointment with my OB/GYN. At my appointment my MD notice what was described as a large growth on my cervix and did a biopsy while I was in the office. I wasn^t to concerned since my mom had fibroid tumors and it could be that or a polyp. I^d never had an abnormal pap or tested positive for HPV. A week later I was called at work and told that I had cervical cancer and it was very aggressive. It scared me to death. I then scheduled an appointment with a gynecologic oncologist who told me she thought it was Stage IB cancer and was really no more aggressive than anyone else. What a relief. I was still scared because they couldn^t be sure. I am just 30 and have no children, but best course of treatment for me was a radical hysterectomy. I had my surgery and recovered pretty quickly. Luckily my lymph nodes were clear and the cancer was isolated to the cervix. I still am scared that the cancer is going to return and will live the rest of my life thinking about it which according to my MD is perfectly normal. I^ve found that people who have not dealt with this can^t understand why you just don^t "get over it". I hope my story helps others going through this difficult situation.

  • 09-04 -2005
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