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  • July 5, 2003

    I just recently found out that I have to have a leep procedure I’m not sure if I have cancer or just pre cancer cells. I went to my Drs office for the results of my Biop and all he told me was that I’m on the high end of the scale and said he would normally do a historectomy if it wasn’t for my age. And after reading allot of the stories on this site it has me wondering how bad am I really? And I wish I would have asked a lot more questions. I’m blessed with one child already so if hysterectomy would be better than leep and better my chances than I would rather have that done so I will be around to see my child grow. This is all really scary to me since I don’t really know were I am in this hole thing. Does anyone know if a hystorectomy would be better than leep?

    When I first heard I had an abnormal pap I didnt think anything of it
    because I had an abnormal one several years prior and no big deal just a repeat and everything was fine for years after that. Now I have an 18 mo old little girl and I want whatever it takes to get rid of this for good so I can be there to see her grow up. Does anyone know if it usually comes back after leep what are some good questions to ask my dr since I go in on july 14 for the leep. I want to be prepared and ready to ask him all the questions that should be asked. Any help or success stories after leep would be appreciated.

  • 09-04 -2005
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