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  • July 6, 2003

    My name is Rachel I^m 23 yrs old and have always thought myself to be pretty faithful to getting regular pap tests done. After having my daughter and do to my husband being in the Navy and us moving from place to place, I missed my yearly. I went a whole year and six months without having a check up and in that time frame I went from having an normal pap to an abnormal pap, with dysplaisa, to possible cancer because of HPV. I never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this was going to happen. My heart broke into pieces at the thought of possibly having cancer. My doctors told me that I had severe dysplaisa, possibly cancer. They took 5 biopsies and told me to come back in two weeks. I am a nervouse wreck. I didn^t think to ask at the time, what about children? What about my daughter, is this like aids, will she have problems with it to, did I pass this to my daughter? What about other children are they a possabliy? If anyone has an answere to this I would greatly appreciate it.
  • 09-04 -2005
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