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  • 07/16/03

    Last year I had my reguler pap test, it was abnormal, I went back and had another. I was told it was okay. This year at age 21 I went back for my regular pap and was told to see a urologist for the trace blood in my urine. I did as instructed. The urologist does CAT scans and the pap comes back abnormal. Yesterday on 7/15/03 around lunch I receive a call from the urologist saying I have small kidney stones in both kidneys and I have a calsification in my lower right pelvis that may be causing irratatiion. they find blood but no infection in the urine.What does this mean???? I also had a 3pm appointment with the obgyn for a colposcopy and biopsy.He made three samples and it lasted 30 minutes. He tells my mother and me that it is either pre malignant or cancer but I will have to wait a week to find out for sure and that he recomends the freeze which would be done in his office if it is just pre malignant. What do I do where do I turn. I^m 21,have been engadgeed for 6 months and have lived together for 2 1/2 years. My fiance is Doug. He is supportive and assures me it will be okay. We have a Rat terrier Puppy named Peedeaux that we adore very much. I have no children but want some. I have a supervisor job for a great company. I love my family, hunting,fishing,swimming,painting and my career. What is going to happen to me?

  • 09-04 -2005
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