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  • 07/18/03

    After the birth of my youngest son in 1999, my ob/gyn diagnosed me with CINI after an abnormal pap at my 6 week postpartum checkup. I had colpo/biopsy with the same results, so he recommended a LEEP. This was a very painful procedure in the doctors^ office. The numbing agent they used did not work and I felt everything! I had another abnormal pap in 2001 at the local health department, but when the colpo was performed nothing was found, therefore no biopsy was done. In March of 2003, my yearly came back as severe dysplasia and a diagnosis of HPV. I was crushed. I have a fiancee^ who I want to have another child with in the near future and after the previous LEEP, I didn^t want to have another done. They recommended I have a cone biopsy for CINIII. I knew if I had this done, my cervix would not be able to carry another child. I opted for another LEEP, that was performed in outpatient services and I was asleep for it, thank God! I am still awaiting results on the 29th of July to find out what the future holds. My doctor said if the margins are clear, no problem, but if not, I might have to do the cone after all. I have been so upset and nervous to wait a whole month to find out whether I have cancer cells in the cervical canal, and if I will be able to have anymore children. I tried calling for results, but they insist you wait, they should be in my shoes for a month! Good luck to all!
  • 09-04 -2005
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