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  • June 15, 2005

    I am 34 years old. I have a three children ages, 13, 9 and 8. My life had been coming together nicely, great husband, great family, great career, we just sold a home, we^re buying a huge new home and BAM! I had been bleeding after intercourse and (I know, stupid me) I didn^t think it was a big deal. I hadn^t been to the gyno in four years (tubal, same partner, young, etc. didn^t think I needed to.) My husband insisted I go to the Dr for the bleeding. That was last Monday, 6-6-05. I was called back on 6-8-05 to get results ASAP. I was told I had ^pre-cancerous cells.^ I was referred to the best of the best in my area right away. I had an appt this past Monday, 6-13-05. The Oncologist told me I had Stage I Cervical Cancer, he could see it. I am having a radical hysterectomy next Friday, 6-24-05. How life changes in a moments notice. I tell you I^ve learned more from reading about all of your experiences than I could have ever learned just by reading about the disease on-line. I don^t know what will happen next but this has deffinately made me put my life in perspective. One minute your so busy with being a Mom and working, life just sends a curve ball. I don^t know what will happen I^m trying to educate myself and my family about this whole new side of life I had never even given a second thought to before a couple of weeks ago. God bless to all of you out strong for yourself and for your family...we are so very fortunate to be living in the age of technology and knowledge we have today.
  • 09-03 -2005
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