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  • In 1995 I was attacked, raped and sodomized. I was badly damaged physically and emotionally. The damage was ever increasing. In 2005 my rectum prolapsed. Not having health insurance, I had to wait for government CMS and my rectum was inside out for over 30 days without medical help. When the county finally covered my EMERGENCY SURGERY, my rectum was stapled in and I was told I have HPV-related anal cancer and that "It's a gay man's disease." I asked if I was goung to die from it and was told "not today."I am in my fifth recurrence. I lost any use of that area and live with a permanent colostomy. The surgeries have done as much damage as the attack. The fact that we aren't further in treatment for HPV-related Cancers must be addressed. The stigma is holding back funding a cure and we must stand together and advocate for one another. God Bless!!!!!
  • 10-28 -2013
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