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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was diagnosed May 2012 with stage 2b cervical cancer related to HPV. Yearly Paps always came back negative my adult life. The last Pap was in 2009 and was negative. In 2012 I went for a Pap and eventually diagnosed iwth cancer. Shocked as I was I went to the GYN oncologist and started treatment that week with 7 weeks of chemo once a week and external radiation for 8 weeks daily. I also had 2 internal radiation treatments and refused the 3rd one due too much discomfort. The PET scan and all the Paps and biopsies post treatment are negative. I educate whenever possible for women to have yearly Paps and, if they're 30 or older, to also check for HPV. My Paps have always been negative, that is why I waited 3 yrs to get one, I am 57 yrs old, never thought this would happen to me. I kept a journal which really helped me with my thoughts and I thank God that I have a supportive husband and children. However the journal kept my private thoughts secret, thoughts that family members do not understand. I did have very dark thoughts, (these thoughts are gone now) but thank God I am doing well. I now go every 4 months for a Pap starting in January and after that year every 6 months then yearly. My GYN MD is fabulous, he and his team saved my life, with help from prayers and family.
  • 09-17 -2013
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