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    Found out I had cervical cancer at 5 months gestation with my beautiful daughter Madison. Went for a normal pregnancy exam , and the OB/GYN tells me there's a lump on the right side only. She asks if could come back tomorrow for a Pap smear. So I went back the next day. And she says I need to have a biopsy, as she sees something that looks abnormal.So she took a biopsy of a blood clot on my uterus. Dr. Gonzalez calls me the next day, "I don't want to scare you, but I need to talk to you about the biopsy." She tells me I have cervical cancer and two options:
    1. abort the baby
    2. to have it really early
    So I choose number 2 of course. Many check-ups,MRI,PET scans,x-rays,blood tests later. I had my cervical cancer surgery and my C-section surgery all at one time. The baby was born 7 months gestation weighing only 1lb 3oz. and I had to have a radical hysterectomy, with the removal of one rib,my bladder,lymph nodes, all the baby making parts on the right side and my private area. My daughter went through chemo therapy with me and all the tests that I had. She is now 6 years old and vary much healthy, all except asthma. She has really bad breathing problems. But every birthday she celebrates, I celebrate being in remission. In 2013 I went through a lot with a blood disease,and I still have it. I'm on medicines for it. But I'm doing good other then that. Please get tested and read up on cancer. We need a cure.
  • 07-26 -2013
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