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  • In November 2003 I was diagnosed with stage III squamous cell carcinoma, with a small focus of adenocarcinoma. I had 2 young boys and was in the middle of a divorce, working full-time and trying to make it on my own. Two months after my diagnosis (at age 29) I had a hysterectomy which cured my cancer. Every day I am thankful for my children and for my decision to have them early in my life.

    Before my diagnosis, my last Pap was less than 2 years before. I was pregnant at the time and my Pap then showed mildly atypical cells, which is common in pregnancy. I lost the baby and totally forgot about the Pap smear results until I had full-blown cancer 20 months later. I never got a reminder from my doctor to come back for a recheck, either.

    Always get your Pap smears, don't blow off the symptoms of a yeast infection that keeps coming back. Be smart.
  • 01-31 -2013
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