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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was only 30 years old when I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, when they expressed that I would have to have a complete hystorectomy, I was devastated to learn that I would not experience giving birth. I had only been in Atlanta less than a year when this happened. I went through radiation for about 6 weeks, could not eat but a tablespoon of food per meal, when I was released from Grady Memorial Hospital, they allowed me to walk out without instructions, as a result, my stitches and staples came apart and I started to bleed. It was then they decided to leave my stomach open to heal from the inside out, I went through infections that caused me to be in the hospital another 5 weeks with a temp of 101 or higher. I was blessed with someone to care for me at home daily, he had to change my packing and bandages twice a day, the thought of actually looking at my own flesh made me sick. If it had not been for my family praying for the Lord to send someone to take care of me because they were in Detroit and could not financially get to me. After going through treatment, recovery, infections and loss of weight for at least 8 months, the things I took for granted like taking showers, cooking, cleaning my home, washing my clothes and etc. I now found exiting and gratifying. I have been a survivor now for 20 years. And I am very greatful for my experience, the people that were placed into my life for a purpose.
  • 12-16 -2012
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