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  • I am 34 y/o and a single mother of 3. I had irregular periods and endometriosis my entire life. After my last son was born and numerous laporascopy surgeries through the years my Dr. and I decided the best choice for me would be to have a hysterectomy. I went in a week before the surgery to have a pap smear done and then had the surgery. I went to my post-op appt a month and a half later and my Dr. asked me if anyone was with me for the appt. I was alone as I had no clue I was supposed to bring anyone with me. My Dr, then asked me to sit down so we could talk about the results. He told me that the day after I had surgery he got the lab results back from my pap and it was abnormal, so he called the hospital to have my cervix spliced for further investigation. It turned out I had cervical cancer. I was in disbelief and all I could think was that my 3 baby boys were going to grow up w/o a mommy. My Dr. told me that he thought he got it all and he was going to keep a close eye on me. About a year ago I started having problems with pain in my shoulders and armpits, my blood counts have been off. I also have been having some issues with cramping, bladder leakage and bowels. I will be going in for a cystoscopy, colonoscopy and a laporoscopy... yep 3 different visits as my last pap was abnormal and vaginal exam was off. I have learned alot about HPV/cervical cancer by doing lots of self study. I havent talked to many people in the past because they dont understand. We need more awareness out there. More support groups and definately more proactive Drs or an easier way to get to them.
  • 09-14 -2012
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