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  • Well, I cant say I do or don't have....cancer yet. I've Been igging, that fact of knowing something Bad!!!! Im 27, with 4 kids, yes I had them Young! Its Hard to know you could be put on that list. You know!! I use to have real bad period cramps when I was bout 12. Back then, midol is all you got. I had kids and it stopped cramping. But, My youngest is, 4 & i notice my periods seem longer, I bleed so much!! For instance, I was in the shower 2 weeks ago, Blood run down My leg, this never happen before!! I was like ok, a period. But, then I notice it kept bleeding every other day. When I have sex it hurts so bad afterwards. Im so lost I need answers. I went to the clinic and they were giving me the run around. I went to ER, but of course they couldn't do too much but an exam. Im scared, I want to know.
  • 08-12 -2012
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