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  • I was diagnosed on July 10, 2004 with stage 4 carcinoma, stage 1 cervical cancer. There were no treatment options; I was told that a hysterectomy was my only option. After the doctors removed everything including my ovaries I was then set on a journey that I did not like. See, I was only 27 years old. I had only been married three short years and we planned on having a house full of children. I am 35 years old now and still going. I am divorced but by the grace of god I have found a wonderful man who does not care that I can not have anymore children. He has two girls and I have two girls. My only fear now is watching them go through this same thing. One thing that I will not let happen if at all possible. I know that I am a survivor for a reason and I plan on doing everything that I can to stay that way.
  • 06-26 -2012
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