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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am approaching 5 years cancer-free. Almost 5 years ago, when I was 38 years old, I went for my regular, annual PAP test. For the 1st time ever, it came back abnormal...I had HPV. Then I went for a colposcopy. My Dr told me I had invasive cervical cancer, adenocarcinoma. I then went to a gynecologic oncologist, who did her own colposcopy, confirming the previous. She said we needed to do a cone biopsy to aid in staging, etc, & there was a chance that doing the biopsy alone, could remove all the cancer. Results of the cone were not good. The cancer had spread beyond the margins. I went for more had spread to my uterus. Now I had to go in for a radical hysterectomy, but had to wait until my body healed enough from the cone biopsy. So, 6 weeks of minimal activity...& 6 weeks of waiting, knowing the cancer was still in me...knowing that in 6 weeks my fate in ever having children would be sealed. More difficult emotionally, psychologically, then I can explain. Finally in for the radical hysterectomy. The Dr also removed 27 lymph nodes & relocated my ovaries (higher in my abdomen). My ovaries were clear & the Dr didnt want me to be forced into menopause unnecessarily. There was a lot of tissue to be tested, and I had to wait quite a while to get the results..praying the nodes would be ok. If not I'd have to have radiation. I finally received good news. They were good! The surgery was the most difficilt thing my body has ever gone through & it took me more than a year to recover. BUT...I no longer had cancer. & that was something to celebrate. I still get checked every 4 months. Apparently, the type of cancer I had is quite prone to returning, so my Dr stays aggressive with check-ups. Fine by me!
    To all of you out there dealing with abnormal test results, or have been diagnosed with cancer, I wish you courage & strength. There are many of us out there sending our silent strength.....
  • 05-18 -2012
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