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  • My name is Stephanie, on July of 2010 I just went for my normal routine check up and get my birth control refilled. That is where my story began and my life changed forever. After an abnormal pap result I was rushed in to having a hysterectomy..they thought I had pre-cancer. A week after my hysterectomy I was called back into the office and the dreaded "We wish we had better news" speech began. My pathology report came back showing not pre cancer but Stage 1b1 grade 1 cancer. As I listened to the doctor the room was spinning around me. I had a 13 year old and my husband was out of work and I was the only provider for our home..what was I to do. They wanted to rush me into surgery but I put it off til after Christmas of that year because I refused to accept the fact that this would ruin my childs Christmas. January 4th 2011 I underwent surgery for paramatrectomy and lymph node dissection..the oncologist assured me that I may have to undergo chemo even after the 2nd surgery. Well I am happy to say my lymph nodes came back negative and I have now been cancer free for 1 year and 3 months. I lost everything but my life through this trying time, my home, and my husband but as Gloria Gaynor sang "I Will Survive"..I am alive today realizing how short life really is..following my dream as a singer and musician and raising my daughter who is now 15!!!
  • 05-17 -2012
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