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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 37 years old and 2 years ago went through the colposcopy, leep, and finally had a radical hysterectomy. I have had paps every 6 months and all has been normal until last week. That pap showed dysplasia. I am a nervous wreck now. I am scheduled for a colposcopy in 2 weeks. I am worried about what they will do if the cervical cancer has returned. I did not have radiation or chemotherapy the first time around. Has anyone been in this "boat" before?? If see please give me a heads up of what might happen. I didn't have any symptoms and nor felt something was wrong but I told my Dr. that I had a "feeling" that my pap would come back abnormal and it did. Any advice would be great.
  • 04-25 -2012
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