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  • Hello everyone! I am so grateful to have found this site. Yesterday I got disturbing news and was an emotional wreck all day. Today was even harder but I prayed for god to lead me someone who is or has gone through the same thing. I was diagnosed with HPV in 2007. After my diagnosis my doctor recommended a colposcopy. My results came back that I had dysplasia. She recommended I have the LEAP procedure done but I was hesistant and wanted a second opinion. At the time I was only 32 and afraid that I would never have children. I sought a second opinion and the doctor stated yes I could proceed with the procedure or get quarterly follow ups to see what the results would be and from there we could talk about surgery. My results varied through the year 2 abnormal 2 normal. I was always dreading my results. After the last 2 abnormal results they recommended another colposcopy. A few months later I had the cryotherapy procedure. That was so painful and still after another follow up it was abnormal. So the doctor continued to monitor me till i moved to a new city. As soon as I got insurance I went back to the doctor for my paps. Last year my doctor told me HPV was back and my pap was abnormal. So in October I went in for another colposcopy. Thankfully nothing had progressed but in late December I noticed a spot that wasn^t there before. I scheduled my appointment to see what it was and well my worst fear came true. My doctor stated I had 2 small genital warts. She treated them and I have to follow up in a month. As I laid there hearing her words my heart sank and I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack. I was trying to figure out did this occur because of the HPV diagnosis I already had or was did i get from my partner. My brain is on overload right now and I am afraid that I may get more and never get rid of them. I will admit I made an error in judgement and should of been safe but this person is someone I have been with for close to 3 years. Today I was thinking will I ever have kids, will he still want to be with me. Its like I feel like damaged goods. To all you who have fought this I commend you on your strength and determination to fight this illness. I pray that I can build enough strength to be as strong as you. If anyone has any advice please contact me. I plan to look into my local chapter because I refuse to let this control my life. God Bless!
  • 02-23 -2012
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