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  • In November 2011 I had a full hysterectomy because of severe "female" issues I had been having for several years. During my follow up appointment with the doctor, he told me they found invasive adenocarcinoma and sent me to see an oncologist. Because my hysterectomy was done vaginally we choose the surgical route first instead of radiation. So, December 21 they went back in for a radical parametrectomy and lymphectomy which gave me this nice long scar from my belly button down! But, I look at it every day when I rub in my "Mederma" and say thank you Lord because of where my tumor was located a papsmear wouldn^t have picked it up until it was very far progressed. Thankfully it had not spread to my lymph nodes as they originally thought - so while I have to be diligent about check ups every 3 months, I am grateful to be alive and I^m trying to live a more healthy life to keep the cancer from returning! It is nice to find this website because I have not found anyone else who has dealt with cervical cancer.
  • 02-08 -2012
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