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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was diagnosed with stage 2B cancer in September of 2011. I was treated with 34 external radiation treatments and 5 internal radidiation treatments and 8 chemo treatments. My last exam was 12/19/11 and the onocolgy radiologist told me the tumor was gone and my cervix looked healthy. I have been having some lower back pain (almost feels like it is muscular) really bothers me after getting up in the morning. This week what feels like sciatic pain started and I have a very light pink spotting. I have called my doctor and will see him in 2 days. They don^t seem overly concerned at this point and say it may be part of the healing. My last internal radiation was the end of November. I still have a light discharge that is yellow/brownish but with no smell. I feel good otherwise, but have read that internal radiation can do some bone damage. Then I read that sciatic pain turns out to be more cancer. I have a pet scan for mid February. Like all of you I^m scared to death, with not a large support group. Any suggestions or has anyone else experienced light what I think is bleeding 2 months after internal treatment and some back pain? I have read other places that people have issues with their hips and back after the internal radiation. Anyone have comments?? Thanks for listening.

    Concerned and a bit depressed,
  • 02-06 -2012
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